About Avenue Residential Leasing & Management

Avenue is a new breed of leasing and management company located in St. Louis that offers specialized services to executive clients. While most property management companies specialize in managing investment properties for investor clients, Avenue’s specialty is executive relocation, which means our primary focus is on serving relocation clients and their homes.


To provide customized and complete leasing and property management services to our executive clients and their homes.

We manage hundreds of properties in the St. Louis area including St. Louis City, St. Charles, St. Louis, and Jefferson counties. Our strong repeat clientele is a testament to our many years of combined experience, great customer service, and attention to detail.

The current real estate market increasingly requires homeowners to lease their home rather than sell at low market prices. When families need to relocate to areas outside of St. Louis, they can be left with the difficult decision of either selling their home for below market prices or leasing their home. Finding a reliable property management company is essential when faced with this dilemma.

Our typical property management clients are “Accidental Landlords,” as they have relocated out of the St. Louis area and need the service of a property manager to preserve their real estate asset until the market improves. We offer extremely reliable and professional property management service from the initial marketing of your home to the tenant screenings to the day-to-day maintenance of your home. Let us take care of all the details of leasing and managing your home.