$500 Agent Referral

We get it - every house just isn’t going to sell when we need it to.  Instead of having frustrated sellers give up and take it upon themselves to go a different direction, why not stay two steps ahead and have a Plan B already set up for your sellers?  The benefit?  You make money, and you get your client back when they’re ready to sell!  

  1. Fill out the referral form 

    • First, complete the referral form on this page and we will respond promptly. 

  2. We will contact your client

    • Our team will contact your client directly and review our services with them.  

  3. You get paid

    • For each new client that signs a management agreement, you get paid $500.  

Why Refer Clients to Us?

It’s “see you later”, not “goodbye”

When you refer your client to us for leasing and property management, we point them right back to you once they are ready to sell.  

Avoid the Risk
Leasing and property management comes with a whole list of fair housing guidelines, local and state laws, and other MREC requirements.  Let us handle what we do best, and you can move on. 

Rest assured your clients are in good hands

We have been leasing and managing property for 10+ years.  Our reputation is top notch, and your clients will thank you for placing them in good hands. 

You get paid

For every new client that signs a management agreement, you get paid $500.  

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