So you have done it. You've hired a Property Manager (hopefully one from Avenue), listed your home for lease, found great tenants, and they have just moved in over the weekend….Now what happens.

 SERVICE REQUEST.  Things will inherently bust, break, not turn on, not turn off and simply not work.  As I tell my homeowners, this is completely normal and will happen (almost) every time.  This is due to your home potentially sitting for a while, and tenants not knowing the intricacies of the house yet.  

 Not a big deal, we send out our vendors to fix the problems.  

 It would be nice to have them fixed prior to the tenants moving in, and potentially cheaper if you are a Do-it-yourselfer.  Here are the four things we most commonly see in the first 30 days.

 - Toilet won’t stop running or it leaks when we flush it.  Flush valves inside the toilet go bad.  They are around $12-$20 and easy to replace.

 - Light bulbs are burned out.  This is an easy one, but you don’t want to have our handyman go out to replace light bulbs.  Do-it-yourselfer or not.  Change the light bulbs

 - AC or Heater isn’t  coming on.  It’s always a good idea to change the battery on the thermostat and have your AC and Furnace checked and ensure they are in good working order prior to getting a tenant in there.

 - Garbage Disposal - Per our lease, the garbage disposal is a tenant responsibility however, the first 30 days, we must ensure it is working correctly.  Double check that it is in good working order, or reset if necessary.  

 Knock out these 4 items before the tenant moves in and save some money and make your tenants happy.