We understand the requirements for maintaining a property and the amount of work it takes to source, arrange, and coordinate all of the projects that need to be done. Avenue Residential Leasing & Management is your partner in handling all of the property management details.

Municipal Inspections and Permits
We collaborate with the respective municipality and schedule any necessary municipal inspections. If inspections reveal necessary repairs or modifications, we will coordinate the repairs and arrange for re-inspection. Once compliance is met we will arrange to have the tenant secure an occupancy permit.

Monthly Rent Collection
We ensure the timely collection of rent and provide residents multiple payment options including automatic e-payments and traditional mailed payments.

Monthly Bill Payments
If desired, we will pay your monthly property bills including lawn maintenance and utilities.

Maintenance and Repairs
When work orders arise we will coordinate the repair with an approved vendor. Avenue offers a “No Maintenance Markup” on all owner work orders. The industry standard in property management is to markup repairs and maintenance bills by 15-30%, thereby making it profitable to the management company to create work orders. We never markup or profit from maintenance and repairs on your home.

A variety of reports are available through the online portal including:

  • Monthly Owner Statements that itemize rent received, reserve account balance, monthly expenses, and more.
  • Real Time Service Requests
  • Annual Operating and Financial Reports including year-to-date income statements and an IRS Form 1099 for tax purposes

Tenant Services

  • Online Tenant Portal
  • Online Rent Payments
  • Online service request submittal
  • 24-Hour emergency notification phone system

Move-Out Coordination
We will meet the tenant at the property to conduct a move-out inspection, collect the keys and to secure the property. After move out, we will prepare a report for you to determine the amount of the security deposit to return to the tenant.

Preparing the property to be re-marketed and re-leased
We arrange any cleaning or services needed to prepare the property for re-occupancy.


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